Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hand On My Brain

If I could recollect on my hood days
I'll sit and reminisce hope it was a bliss hope for a good day
I stop and stare at the younger
My heart goes torn
It was a test and stressed that they end up under
and in our days things changed
everyone ashame to the youth
because the truth looks strange
and for me it reversed
they left us with the world that cursed
and it hurt
cause any day they'll push the button
and they'll condemn it
like Leftenan Adnan and our soldiers died for nothing
and they will not be teary
the world look scary
when you wipe your eyes
you'll see it clearly
the way you act did fear me
if you take a time to hear me
maybe you can learn to clear this city
and it ain't about white or brown
because we're human
I hope we'll see the lights before its ruin

Tell me do you see that old lady
ain't it sad?
Living out of a bag
but she glad every little thing that she had
and over there there's a lady
alcohol got her crazy
I guess she's giving birth to a baby
I dont want to let 'em to fear me
From a frying pan
we jumped into another form of slavery
even now I get discourage
maybe if they take it all back
I'll still keep my courage
I'm not qualified to be a role model
I set goal
Take controll
Drink out my own bottle
i made mistake
I learnt it from everyone
When it set and done
I bet this brother'll be a better one
If I'm upset please dont stress
never forget
That God haven't finished with me yet
I feel His hand on my brain
when i write rhymes
I go blind
and let the Lord to His thing
but I'm a less holy
Because I choose to puff a blunt
and laughing with my homies
before we find a world peace
I got to find peace
and end the war in the streets