Saturday, February 27, 2010

Demons Are My Neighbour

ok, tv is a radiation,
radio's the heroin,
we'll need this shit forever,
i try to sense the work of satan,
i apologize to the Greatest,
I wish for one guest,
appears to be Lucifer with a death's list,
My soul is robbed,
My blood streaming to the top,
My spinal core bend over backwards and it's drops,
I screams till my throat sore,
Eyes open wide but it seems dark,
Why i'm not dead yet? guess it's just my luck,
Demons neighbouring at my side
You don't want hear that thing talk,
You think your life suck?
Pop out your eyes and pay attention,
Shower in sins, that's only the thing I'm facin'
My conscience's squashed by his hammer,
I need some sleep but I can't even drive slower, heart beating fast..
death is near and there's no such thing as pass...