Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The only way for you to come back,
Put on the new soul on the track,
The old one has broke it's neck,
You have under attacked,
Change to all Aces on your deck,
No more braces, no sad faces, girls polluters,
You was a fucking loser,
So don't forget to bring a hammer
Squash the old soul to slimy liquid,
Then spit some saliva on it, step on it,
Maybe pour some gasoline and just burn it,
My whole life was a sin,
No more regrettin',
No more girls waitin' for one night screwin'
All I want now is a brand new soul, not to rewind it,
But to start the first chapter in a brand new epic,
Promote myself from lieutenant to an elite,
Sorry Sergeant, I never went to war before,
No cowards no more,
This is the new me for sure,
Made my life secure,
open the door,
There's a new guy behind the door,
Just pop by to say hello...