Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mommy Is Among Them

Today, someone hurt me,
hurt me so bad
I wish I couldn't hear or see
Believe it or not the hurt came from my mommy,
Now i know who is she,
She's one of the people who didn't believe in me,
I may playing around much,
but why you didn't you have faith in me?
In this, what I'll be going to be,
Mommy, I love you but you hurt me,
Its been a long time
water flowing on my face,
I guess you manage to make it
I'm going to make it mommy,
Now I realize it's me against the world,
When the time you open your eyes,
I want God to take me away,
I don't want to see you or anybody,
I just want to meet father and say,
Look father, I make it on my own way...