Thursday, April 1, 2010

If I Die Tonight (Part 1)

If I die tonight,
I hope it'll be alright,
Just smile for me,
If I die tonight, hope you pray for me,
I know there's not much good deed invested in me,
Let go off my body,
Pour the dirt faster, look at the clock,
hey, I'm sorry for my act and my joke,
forgive me if my joke my you choke,
sorry I made you burst and shook,
Pour the dirt faster,
there's not much to see,
hope I didn't die in terror,
Hope it's just like in the theater,
Please forgive me,
Forgive me, forgive me, it ain't matter,
if you're my hater,
How 'bout her?
Her? ohh...
God must have a noble guy waiting for her,
but don't let me be her fear,
As for my mother, tell her I love her,
I know I always hurt her,
There is no encounter,
As for my father, if I die tonight,
please let me reach his hand without a fight,
I don't want to wait a million night,
Dear God, tell your angels to be light,
If I die tonight,
I'll have no rights,
God soon take away my sight,
When the time comes
Hope I bring along a light..