Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gold Coin To The Heaven

I received gold coins by God in my dream
supposed to buy ticket to the heaven
but i spent it for a Cayenne,
I told God I want it back,
I was mistaken,
I promise I wont act reckless,
How long You'll be taking my happiness?
But I think He just deleted my messages,
My pocket's full with feathers,
He just want to test my senses,
make me see, but what I do?
act more stupidly,
Bought more jewelry, Louis V and Armani,
my mom cant get through with me,
First there's a million,
Then they all leaving me,
I'm on flashback HD TV,
oh shit, is that really me?
This is not the way I feel,
This is my journey to the hill,
I guess money changed my mind form,
Damn it, where the hell the coins came from?