Monday, June 21, 2010

The Rhyme of The Half-Awake Mind

I wrote this shit when I was half awake
so here it goes...

let my wrist get slashed,
let the world get crashed,
let that man get passed,
you don't need to stop just to be fast,
I hate all the Caucasians for getting all the casts
your acts are just at my toes
I stay loyal although in a room full of hoes,
there's must be a parrot with a saw,
so if you build my tomb,
make it solid gold,
guilty pleasure, that's my treasure,
Life's a bitch,
well, depends on how you dress her
If the devil wears Prada,
I'm wearing Gabbana
and you chose Puma
Which one is wealthier?
thanks for the effort,
when I fall hard,
you can take my part,
don't you worry me,
I think life must be easy,
because life is hard,
if you want me dead,
come and shoot me,
beat me harder,
the problem is I don't think you even can see me
because I don't even see my face in the mirror...