Monday, March 22, 2010

The Golden Girl

She got it all
She got all the things a girl could wanted,
but i can't call,
to take her no more,
to watch her smile while this melted gold pours,
I'm out all alone,
we pretend we have a ton of fun,
in this world where we dont belong,
I'm a fool all alone,
Does she thinking of me?
Or she forget what we once had...

Oh, she got it all,
Can't you see she got it all?
She got the look and gold
and the beautiful road, it's for sure,
She knew there's more,
but i can't take another sad face on the shore,
she can stay in the fog,
she can be soundless in bed,
she got a tons of save,
there's a park in her head,
it's not you it's me,
I'm sorry what if I broke all my ceilings,
Will you running back to me?