Monday, March 15, 2010

The Barney Rhyme

so, i'm standing front of the mirror,

i got a gun glocked on him,
then a hot chick with AX tee with bag of Ralph Lauren,
She smells nice, stared at by all of the people,
Smell meet smile,
I scored with the dimple,
I got her on my right and a..
her body looked like Fender,
i'm the untold superstar, you'll be alright ma,
hold my arm tighter,
wrinkles on my Giorgio,
Wanna go?
She said she follow,
damn, u said u swallow?
the night 'bout to start,
head down, that's a nice shoe,
my ride's nice, yes it's kaler biru,
sip on the drink, no worries,it's cocoa,
wanna see Pacino?
it's time to send you home
hello? hell no?
haha,you're so cute bimbo,
but i have to stay down lay low,
there's few hundred horses and crazy as rhinos,
for now we should stay for a distance,
it's just casual, you're just my one night hot fashion...