Tuesday, March 9, 2010


My cuts are bleeding slow,
my strengths are running low,
If only u can feel just how scary and how cold,
My blood cannot be pumped,
I'm stoned against the wall,
When feet walk longer than it should,
I keep my head up and whisper kill 'em all,

It feels like these fools are snoopin' in,
These wolves are starrin' in,
It's time to fight again then,
Their eyes still filled with sins

My book of rhymes got them shockin'
This crooked mind of mine got 'em shook,
counter back, now they scared to look into my eyes,
I get my gun glocked and shoot 'em all in one time

And I came up from behind
Preety much locked 'em up,
and hard fucked this game up,
Shut up!
Better be careful when you throw my name up,
Keep my name,
That ain't I came to claim
but you ain't,
Better be the same since the day I leave it,
Shit I swear sooner or later
I'll make these fuckin' posers believe that,
I swear to God I you'll die and rot,
I'm a man of my word
so your fuckin' ego better nod,
I'm not here to fuck around or amused everybody,
Don't sllep on me,
That hole is where you body'll lie,
Permanently, it's nightly bye,

My head is swellin'
My confidence is up
This moment is my pedestal,
my valium, my heroin,
I'm unstoppable,
Hope you're trapped in my hellbound