Saturday, March 6, 2010


Some say the X,
make the sex spec...tacular,
make you kick your excite up your neck,
hold your back,
then you gigglin',
flirty joking deliverin'
Chills up that spine,
you're ready? Give me the sign..
blow out the candle,dim the chandelier tonight,
If it's alright with you we landing?
Deja vu, your eyes sparkled,
finger playing in the dark,
like the legs jogging in the park,
Please, you're teasing me when you shake,
you don't want to stop cause you like where it would head,
im working my way to the rack,
On the way to the Marriot,
find it, that's the spot,
you my mrs. im your mister,
damn i really rip ya,
the way you slice the cake,
dear, you hit that,
the way you giggle and your legs would wiggle,
Now i know this isn't the suite at Meridian,
no money to burn,
give me your hand,
but tonight no end...