Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Number One Hit

Ask me somethin'
Oh, well, in that case,
I know what you're sayin'
Why there's a smile on my face?
I will not answerin'
The how, the why or what it is taste
Oh, you want me to share?
I don't need you when she's there,
She's there when no one cares,
But hey, shit happens...
When it comes around,
Love's always there to be found,
Nope, you're wrong,
We didn't split up,
We don't need a re-bound,
We live in a love song,
It's not a one hit wonder,
It doesn't have autotune that sounds fantastic,
Our soung is the founder,
It's beautifully arranged, it's a classic,
This song stay to be number one,
It makes you stop when you run,
It doesn't just makes you dance, gives you fun,
If you're lucky,
you might get a daughter or a son,

This is our song,
We live in it,
Play it all day long,
It lasts, it's classic,
It's a number one hit.


the physiology of life said...

i dah terasa dah.thankyou=)