Monday, March 22, 2010

Here's my foe,
Lick my wound as a dog bite my toe,
nuts i go,
ask comissioner to dig to the core,
I can make 'em speak like bozo's
still wonder why I ain't shriek, oh no!
I said fuck no!
I ain't goin' to soak,
ask him if he want this buzz, oh no,
you wont acting like this if you're the one who get tossed,
I've been patiently waiting for the cell and the guard to be rose,
Head back to the game and the game will never be the same as before,
kill everything that runs slow,
and now you go,
flame will shine at night,
you will melt once we light it,
this is exactly what the fuck I'm talking about when we quiet,
you looking at the true villain, spit fillin',
spine breakin', soul killin', emotions sinkin'
if you don't get it what come out of my mouth,
do playback or just rewind it,
payback's a bitch,
how does it taste?
when i slap the taste out of your mouth,
who will take your place?
I can be cannibal, if you think you can save your face,
You wont have a face to save
When I rip your face without a haste.